Our Strategy

Through our time-proven processes we are able to make an impact and help eradicate cataract blindness worldwide. First, we educate and empower through the valuable donations from our world partners and then we are able to make a sustainable impact.

Why Cataract Blindness?

Globally, nearly 1 billion people live with moderate or severe distance vision impairment. Of those 1 billion people, 94 million are impacted by cataract impaired vision, most of whom live in low to middle-income countries such as Tanzania where limited access to eye care can mean a life of blindness. Numerous studies have shown that sight restoration with cataract surgery is one of the most cost-effective and successful healthcare interventions.

Cataract blindness is curable with a 20-minute procedure that is 97% successful when performed by a competent, well-trained surgeon. Without surgery, a person loses their ability to see and thus function independently. As they become de-pendent on others for care, they often lose their ability to work and therefore contribute in their community, ultimately perpetuating the poverty cycle.

When we restore a person’s sight, we give two people back their lives- the patient and the care-giver. More importantly, failing to cure cataract blindness when it can be cured is immoral. To not provide people with this most basic medical procedure is impossible to justify in our privileged world.