Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce blindness by providing eye care, including cataract surgery and glasses for those in need. Eye Corps, Inc. (“Eye Corps”) is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2017. We are a registered non-profit currently operating in Tanzania. Our presence in Tanzania is supported with in-country NGO status and a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tanzania.

What We Do

Our mandate is building sustainable eye care in rural sub-Saharan Africa. We partner with local, frontline eye care providers and academic ophthalmic training institutions. We maximize the impact of in-country ophthalmology professionals by providing needed equipment in conjunction with continuing medical education and postgraduate mentorship. We expand access to low-cost cataract surgeries, eye care and glasses, while increasing capacity for high quality eyecare services.

How We Do It

We partner with the leading postgraduate ophthalmology master of medicine program in Tanzania to improve training by sharing US lecturers and supplying educational tools. In doing so, we eliminate three major barriers to building sustainable eye care in the region:

  1. Inadequate quality training
  2. Lack of support for graduates to transition from student to surgeon
  3. Lack of surgical equipment

Our ongoing collaboration with in-country doctors and nurses supports an environment where Tanzanians provide quality care for their fellow Tanzanians.


  • Elevate the quality of in-country education, empower local physicians with technical assistance and mentorship;
  • Provide access to equipment, supplies and facilities necessary to conduct quality cataract surgery;
  • Interface with the local community and government to ensure that Eye Corps is viewed as a long-term partner; and
  • Serve as a coordinator for other NGOs and non-profits interested in participating in education and the reduction of global blindness.

It is only by creating a stable surgical community that Tanzania and all sub-Saharan countries can eliminate its cataract and refractive blindness.